Your Soap Dilemma- Solved

Soap dilemma? You might be wondering by the title of this blog whatever I could mean as The Hippie Farmer who sells soap! Well, have you ever wondered why your natural soaps seem to melt away faster than big box store ones? That's because soap is a natural humectant because of the glycerine. This is a dilemma because of the bitter-sweet feeling of finishing a bar of soap too fast. Whenever I finish a bar of soap I get excited for my next! What scent will I pick? Which one should I choose? Should I pick an oldie but goodie or try something new? With the new Holiday scents coming, I'm sure most can relate... 

Although finishing a bar of soap is always exciting, I never like to be wasteful. I always want to make sure the products I buy last as long as they can. Unfortunately, natural soaps tend to get that soupy-like texture faster than commercial soaps. It is important to remember to keep your natural soap as dry as possible when not in use. Another great preservation method would be using wooden soap dishes. We have a number of wood soap dishes for sale in our barn store and online. 

Our wooden soap dishes: 

1. Hand Milled Mahogany Wood Soap Dish - Single Soap. This soap dish is made with mahogany wood as mahogany has high moisture tolerance. The color of these vary but the size is 3.5" by 5". We recommend that once you get your dish, to moisturize the wood with oil or beeswax to preserve it even longer. 

2. Hand Milled Mahogany XL Wood soap dish that'll hold two bars of soap. This soap dish is just like the other but is larger at 3.5" by 7". 

3. Circle wooden soap dish. This is currently sold out but we sell these to go perfectly with our shampoo bars. 

You can find all of these products on your website under "shop".