Our New Sign and Almost Getting Online Scammed

We are so excited that our new sign is finally up after almost getting completely scammed online. The industrial farm look is exactly what we were looking for and we're so happy with the outcome. First, we'd like to start off by saying we're so pleased with the final product and the company Nemasket Crafts who did this for us. Nemasket Crafts is owned by craftsman John Healey, whose passion shines through his amazing metal signs. John works with metal by using a plasma cutter to make precise cuttings when crafting all different types of signs. He has done a couple of other signs for us in the past including a peace symbol I have hanging up. We truly could not be more pleased and highly recommend John Healey's work!

A picture of the peace sign he did for me: 


Before working with John Healey, I went to order a sign via an online store that I found on Facebook. I found this company through a typical Facebook ad about metal signs and spoke with a guy who helped me order the custom sign. Everything seemed legit. After about a month of the sign not showing up in the mail, I knew something was wrong. I contacted them inquiring about my already purchased sign, and got no response. I went to their Facebook to warn others and write that the company might be a scam, but they deleted everything I wrote. When I figured it out I was shocked because I was certain it was not a scam after talking with the guy. Like I said, the company seemed legit. Thank god I was able to find Nemasket Craft and get these beautiful signs. As social media platforms enable the horrors of consumerism, try not to fall into these traps. Let this experience be a warning to anyone who's looking to buy something directly from Facebook or Instagram ads. Not only to avoid scams, but to also ensure quality... it's ALWAYS better to support local businesses.