Our 2020 Farm Garden

Hey Everyone!

We hope that you all have been safe and healthy during these hard times. We also hope that you are enjoying your families and your gardens, because its been a wonderful year for gardening.

Besides the soap making that is going on daily, we have many vegetables growing this year. My husband and I extended our garden early this spring and made raised beds with beautiful bean trellises. Our veggies are thriving more than ever before. We choose not to use any pesticides in our garden but have tried some organic options this year to keep off all the bugs. We tried neem oil and diatomaceous earth. It has worked pretty well so far. Let me know what your favorite ways are to keep away pests.

Our garden is booming with delicious radishes. We did two different varieties. One is the popular red radish and the other is the watermelon radish. The watermelon radishes are our favorite veggie planted this year. We always cut them up on a salad straight out of the garden. But we have been enjoying them baked in the oven with the wonderful handmade, local salts from the Hippy Pilgrim in Plympton, MA. We enjoy how sweet they taste when they get cooked. If you haven't tried a radish baked in the oven yet, you must! 

image of radish


Another new thing we are trying this year are our potato bins with pallets. There are 4 pallets in a square where we placed four varieties of seed potatoes. There are Russets, Blue, & Red. As the shoots start to grow up through the soil and hay, we pack more soil and hay on top. We have filled them about ¾ full so far, so now we wait until the flowers pop open and die off. Watch for our live stream when we get to open these bins up. It will be so exciting!! This should be around the beginning of September.

image of large potato

While it is taking us some time to get more and more land to grow on (we actually own 9 acres here covered with trees), we try to put some of our extra veggies out in the farm stand. Each year there are many different kinds! So keep watch on our Facebook page to when the stand is filled. For now it is only a few times during the summer.
COME BY TODAY!! July 12th...  We just stocked the stand with  Swiss chard, Bags of Kale & Radishes.
We also still have our frozen free ranged meat birds in the freezer for $4.99 a lb. Each bird is marked with the price. This year they are BIG and juicy. The meat just falls off the bones. They are great paired with some freshly picked herbs that you will find for $3 a bunch in the stand. You can also hang these bunches to dry for later use.
image of farmstand
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Stay cool in this humidity and enjoy your fresh veggies this summer.
Fall will soon be around the corner!!
~the Hippie Farmer & Family xoxo