My Grandmother's Amber

Amber is very special to me because my Grandmother brought it over from Poland. My Grandmother was a child of war and was a victim of the holocaust. After both her parents were killed, she and her siblings hid in a barn. At the time she was around eight years old. Eventually, her and her siblings got caught while looking for food. She was put into a concentration camp. At this specific camp the labor included building a railroad. Eventually, she was saved by soldiers. She would tell us stories about the American soldiers who came to save her and brought her over to the United States'. Once she finally reached America she was put into an orphanage in Boston. She got married at eighteen years old to a Polish soldier and they lived in Dorchester. They eventually had four kids, one of them being my mother. Although she did not have any more family in Poland after the war, her husband did. So, they would travel over to visit his family. When she would go there she'd pick up all of the Amber pieces she could find and bring it back to her family in America. 

Amber is formed from the resin of tree bark. Amber protects trees from cracks in the bark caused by insects and weathering. It can also protect trees from disease through antiseptic properties. When forming the resin to protect the trees, amber can be sticky and it often entraps insects. The resin consists of liquids and aromatic compounds. It eventually becomes the substance of amber by undergoing evaporation of the liquids, polymerizing and then hardening. Amber is organic and can maintain it's chemical composition overtime. Products of the chemical breakdown of amber can be shown in some pieces through water droplets. When found, it is often true that amber is not from that specific geographic location. Most amber migrated when logs and tree stumps covered in resin floated down different rivers which eventually reach some coastal regions. 

There are so many benefits to wearing Amber. It contains analgesic properties to help pain. A lot of people who have arthritis or baby's who are teething will wear it. In our store, we have quite a bit of Amber pieces. We have sold off a bunch of my Grandmother's Amber because I ended up making a lot of necklaces when I first started my business. The Amber that we have in the store is from Baltic essentials, which I have used on all of my kids and wear some myself. Some of these pieces have other stones which also have great properties. For example, my son used to wear an amber necklace which had Lapis Lazuli which is great for kids with ADD. My toddlers and I wear Amber necklaces with Shungite which is great for blocking EMF radiation from electronics. We sell Amber in store only and not online because we get random pieces which are all different sizes making it difficult to list online. If someone is seriously interested in ordering one online they can contact me directly. Otherwise, in store we have infant, toddler and adult bracelets and necklaces. We also carry amber for dogs and cats which can be used for flea and tick prevention. 

All of these Amber pieces in the following pictures are straight from Poland. I also handmade the necklace and earrings in the following pictures as well. 


amber necklaceamber necklace

amber earrings amber necklace