How Our Family Heals with Homeopathic Medicine!

How can one live without Homeopathy? You can't. We use Boiron Homeopathic remedies because they are known to be a leading brand in homeopathic medicine. Boiron has homeopathic medicine that uses extremely diluted tablets, pellets, and topical treatments through herbal, organic, or mineral substances to relieve symptoms. My favorite product is the "Boiron HomeoFamily Kit 32 Multi Dose/12 Unit Dose Oscillococcinum" which includes one of my favorite, Oscillo. Oscillo may aid in reducing flu-like symptoms without the risk of major contraindications! Homeopathic remedies are a great alternative to western medicine over the counter remedies. 


If this box is too much for someone to start. Try starting with a few essentials to keep in your cabinet. Like replacing your fever reducer with Belladonna or Oscillococcinum or starting with Arnica Montana. Belladonna is a great homeopathic fever reducer. Used in the 1500's during the Italian Renaissance as a cosmetic, has been shown to be useful in reducing fever. Similar to western medicine fever reducers, belladonna may need to be repeated multiple times a day in order to treat acute to severe fevers. According to homeopathic doctor Todd Hoover, "For most acute conditions where belladonna is indicated, a 30C potency is often the best choice"(2017). Another great homeopathic remedy is Arnica Montana. Arnica can be used to help muscle pains, minimize inflammation and heals wounds. One study showed the benefits of Arnica Montana in some post operative pain management as an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (2016). Here at the Hippie Farmer we sell an Arnica Salve that I use for my family when we encounter inflammation, pain and bruising. For my kids I absolutely love the Hyland Products. I had begun using them 19 years ago with my first and they continue to be my go to for my little ones. I use the "Hyland's Naturals Baby Nighttime Soothing Oral Discomfort/Pain Relief Tablets". This helps with teething in the little ones and for sensitive gums. 

I would highly recommend replacing your ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Unfortunately, we often fall trap to the blurry lines of consumerism when it comes to over the counter medication. Ibuprofen and acetiminophen are pain relievers and aid in reducing symptoms. However, it's crucial to ask- what are we masking? Oftentimes when one takes these over the counter medications we don't realize the harm we're doing to our body. In order to find a solution to illness, we have to understand what is actually causing the pain. If we're masking the pain, then we may never find out and end up making the issue worse causing more illness down the line. According to Osteopathic doctor, Darby Luckey, "When taken too frequently or in too high dosages, NSAIDs, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, can pose risks to your gastrointestinal system, kidneys and heart. These drugs can lead to thinning in the lining of the stomach, causing ulcers and GI bleeding" (2022). When taking too much or for too long, these medications can cause, kidney diseases or even acute kidney failure. One paradox of this would be how taking too much ibuprofen can cause a phenomenon that Dr. Luckey calls "rebound headache". This means if your body is so used to taking ibuprofen for headaches, then when not taking it, you will get a headache! What the heck! Although occasional to moderate use of these medications may be fine, I try to steer clear with using "Hyland's Fever Reducer, Natural Relief, Cold and Flu Medicine for Adults". Buy this and stop using over the counter NSAIDS asap! 



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