Babies, Babies, and MORE Babies!! Baby Goats that is...

image of milking goat

2021 Kidding at the Hippie Farmer is Underway!!

In just a little over a month, we will start to see our first babies of this year be born. We are so excited to see what colors we will get this year and how many baby goats will be coming Earth Side on our farm. 

We typically do blood work to find out who's pregnant. But this year we had the opportunity to have someone come down and do ultrasounds on our girls. And BOY was it so much fun to see. We have some rough estimates of how many each of the girls are carrying. Many have 3, and even possibly 4!! (Typical baby amounts that are born to most goats are 1 or 2 and sometimes 3 but not many have 4 or more). There will be a lot of babies!! See below to view one of our Ultra Sound Videos.
birth goat            birth goat


birth goat

We have a few different breeds of dairy goats on our farm. We have two alpines named Delta and Athena. This breed is a larger breed goat which can produce up to a gallon each a day (if milked twice a day). And then there are also our Mini Nubians, which are a cross of a full Nubian breed to a Dwarf Nigerian. There is Karma, Gypsy, and Special. Some of our mini nubians are polled and give babies that are polled. That means they will grow no horns! Which is always a favorite. They can produce up to a half a gallon a day (if milked twice a day). Of course these numbers vary per goat, for instance Gypsy is my big mini Nubian milker but her sister gives just a tad less then her. Such is dairy goats! And that is all our pregnant goats on the farm right now. We do have two new girls, Aegis and Iris who have not gotten pregnant just yet.

Here is our estimated number of babies per goat and their approx. due dates:
Karma (Mini Nubian)   Due: 3/15     Babies: 3 (maybe 4)
Gypsy  (Mini Nubian)   Due: 3/18     Babies: 3
Special  (Mini Nubian)     Due: 4/29     Babies: 2
Athena  (Alpine/Breed to alpine)   Due: 3/26     Babies: 3 (Maybe 4)
Delta  (Alpine/ Breed to Dwarf Nigerian)   Due: 4/25 (Maybe 5/21)  Babies: 1
Aegis  TBD

Meet our buck!

This is MOO. He was born on our farm 3 years ago. He was the cutest baby yet and has grown into a gorgeous buck who makes beautiful babies of many colors.
He is a Dwarf Nigerian. 
According to the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), the Nigerian dwarf is a miniature dairy goat that originated in West Africa and developed in the United States. It stands no more than 22.5 inches tall and bucks no more than 23.5 inches tall.
birth goatHe has gorgeous blue eyes!! 
We Also offer stud service. That means if you have a doe you are looking to breed, bring her on down for a free of $50. As we are a healthy closed herd (all negative testing), we do require that you have receipt of negative testing as well.
If you are interested in being on a list for babies, please contact us at
Our Babies are BOTTLE BABIES!
They are not dam raised. They are ready to go home at 3 to 4 days of birth, as long as they are healthy and switched to bottle fine. This time frame may vary. We do find this less traumatizing for both Mom and Babies. We have done both ways during our 7 years of raising goats. They will be weaned to cows milk or remained on goats milk depending on what you like. 
There is a $50 deposit to be put on the list. First to put deposits down will get first choices. Our babies are not registered.
Doe: $350  Wether: $200  Buck: $250 
Discount of $25 if adopting 2 or more.
Goats are herd animals! There is a requirement of having 2 or more to keep them healthy. 
Here are some pictures of LAST YEARS BABIES who have since went to loving homes: 
birth goat
Here is a video of one of our Ultra Sounds!