Fermented Honey - The Perfect Spring Project

Using Fermented Honey Garlic has amazing medicinal properties. Pop in a whole garlic or take a little bit of honey (or BOTH!) to use as an immunity booster when you feel a cold or flu coming on.

honey and garlic honey and garlic

Both garlic and honey are high in antioxidant compounds. These healthy chemicals help to balance your immune system and prevent illness. It is also suspected to help common diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's!  It contains oxygen, sulfur and many other chemical that give it antibacterial and disease fighting properties. All the more reason to try some for your family.

More research is being done in how garlic can prevent or slow age related disease. For best results you want to use FRESH FRESH GARLIC as soon as possible. Garlic is also used in traditional Arab medicine to treat heart disease, high blood pressure, toothache, constipation and infections.

Honey is known to have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It is naturally high in antioxidants called flavonoids and polyphenols. These help to fight inflammation (redness and swelling) in the body.



8 Full Bulbs of Fresh Garlic (If you grow it, the better!) - Peeled

2 lbs Fresh Farm Local Honey

1/2 Gallon Bar Jar  Get one here

Fermentation Top (Optional) Get one here


1. Make sure to sterilize all your equipment! This is most important in the fermentation process so that you do not grow bacteria in your product. This can be done a number of ways - Bleach bath, dishwasher on a hot cycle (my favorite), or with a sanitizing solution like Star San.

2.  Once your jar and fermentation top is sanitized, peel all your garlic with clean hands. Do not rinse! Just place it straight into the jar.

3. Fill the jar next with honey up until the top. Make sure to leave at least an inch. Put on your fermentation top. Take the air out! (If you do not have a fermentation top, that's ok! Just place the lid on the jar. Make sure to let out the air from the fermentation daily.)

4. Keep jar in a cool dark place but also where you can see it. You will be turning the jar over and back up right daily. This is so that your garlic gets covered with honey every day.

5. Keep doing this for a year!! *say what!?* Yes... the best Garlic Honey Ferment is done at a year. You CAN use this sooner if you cant wait. 

Once fermentation is done, you can store in a cool dark place or in your fridge. Whatever is most convenient for you.

We use Garlic Honey when we are sick. But we also love to use it for cooking as well. Use it for sauces on meat, or even on vegetables. There are so many health properties!

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- the Hippie Farmer

honey and garlic  honey and garlic

These are the best fermentation tops!! No need to worry about the escaping gases from fermentation exploding the glass.

Fermentation top Fermentation after 6 months

 Don't forget to turn your garlic once or twice a day to keep that garlic covered with the honey. Last picture is our very own jar at almost a year old!!